Model for space: wigwam variation

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Model dimensions: 60x35x35 cm, structure build with different sizes of matches and heated glue, red and blue plastic, fine metal wire, eucalyptus tree bark, silverfish.

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Sculpture intervention Berlin ´No endings, no beginnings´ 16th ->18th September 2016

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No Endings, no beginnings image

A temporary sculpture as part of the ´Lange Nacht der Bilder 2016´. You can visit the outside installation from Friday 16th September 6 pm until Sunday 18th September 6 pm on the public green space Rheinpfalzallee 2-6, 10318 Berlin.

Here you´ll find a map and public transport details:


Design: Money box with high explosive content

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Presenting my first functional object, inspired by Henry Van De Velde, a Belgian painter, architect and designer of furniture, interior, clothes, book covers, silverware, dinner sets, candle holders, etc.

Famous as one of the founders of the Art Nouveau style, late 19th Century – first half of the 20th century. He was very inventive in designing functional objects and had a sharp eye for aesthetic quality. Through out his long life his style developed from high aesthetic ornament to a more modern, minimalistic style. He designed several country houses, schools, a theatre, the Nietzsche Archiv in Weimar, Germany, the Library of Ghent University with the booktower, Ghent, Belgium.

He also designed a beautiful silver money box, unfortunately I didn´t found a picture of it. You´ll find it in this catalogue:

Passion, Function, and Beauty: Henry van de Velde and His Contribution to European Modernism



In times where you have to pay for your bank deposits, banknotes are safer under your pillow. It´s an interesting challenge to re-invent the money box, using mainly found objects, coffee and peanuts cans glued together penetrated with electricity cables and metal wire.


Handmade money box with high explosive content

in German´die revolutionäre Spardose´


Some examples:


Design object consists of a coffee and a peanuts can, electricity cables, metal wire, key of the heart, blue feather, piece of a bank card. Dimensions:22 x 22 x 22 cm.


The red with the yellow pill version.


The smaller silver cardboard version with a deer and the Sagittarius symbol.


The turquoise version with bears and a found key.

Model for a solid home base

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Don’t be afraid of love and trust

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We still have a lot to offer

Building shelter where

our dreams fertilise the soil




shelterdetail“Don´t be afraid of love and trust shelter” 2016 Model for site-specific intervention, dimensions 110 cm x 160 cm, consists of cardboard, umbrella, fabric, key, iron wire, magic tape, clay and alumimium foot.

Hustler in the wind (dream fertility)

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‘Gold Sessions’ Image on pocket-size-negative, presented on small light box dimensions 5,4 x 7,2 x 2 cm

A noble & wild, love & creative adventure in 2016

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for All of You,

your Architect of the Soul

‘Uncle Meirs Dream – Home sculpture’ Karlshorst, Germany, December 2015


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