Sharing the dream Á sequence of magical interventions´Artist Talk Friday the 26th of May 2017.

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Invitation Artist Talk:

´Sharing the dream: A sequence of magical interventions´

Friday the 26th of May 2017,

Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551 Berlin

Welcome at 8 pm, the talk will start at 9 pm.


Dear All,

With sunbeams in my heart I kindly invite you to the artist talk as part of the ´Don´t be afraid of Love´ Intervention in the Vitrine in front of the Town hall Tiergarten.

​Vitrine May 2017, Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551 Berlin, free to visit until the 30th of May 2017.

We will be serving Belgium waffles, you can bring a beer if you like and feel free to invite some friends to come with you.

I am looking forward to a relaxed but interesting meeting.

Artist: Sylvia Souffriau

Moderator: Christina Schrauwers


Deutsche Version:

Einladung Künstlergespräch:

´Teilen des Traumes: Eine Sequenz von magischen Interventionen´

Freitag 26. Mai 2017,

Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551 Berlin

Begrüßung ab 20 Uhr, Künstlergespräch ab 21 Uhr


Liebe Alle,

mit der Sonne im Herzen lade ich euch herzlich ein, zum Künstlergespräch im Rahmen von der ´Don´t be afraid of love´ Intervention, in der Vitrine vor dem Rathaus Tiergarten.


Vitrine Mai 2017, Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551 Berlin, bis 30. Mai 2017 zu besichtigen.

Es gibt Belgische Waffeln, ein Bierchen solltet Ihr euch selber mitbringen und eure Freunde einladen.
Ich freue mich auf ein entspanntes aber interessantes Treffen!

Künstlerin: Sylvia Souffriau

Moderatorin: Christina Schrauwers

Spaceship intervention

June 27, 2016 § 1 Comment

Spaceship intervention during 48 hours Neukölln at Outside Pluto, Berlin.

Material: 3 bamboo canes of 2,1 m high, grill ball, black, grey and white electricity wires, red usb cable, green and yellow plastic wire, aluminium tape, red rope, red chair, 3 green rails, fine aluminium stick, feather of a pigeon and a magpie, small red feather. Dimensions: 2,6 m high x 3,5 m long.

48 Stunden Neukoelln 24th ->26th June 2016

June 15, 2016 § 1 Comment

For the Berlin Fans: 3 days event during 48 Stunden Neukoelln


(Never) enough, playtime: May the Art be with You

Works by Charlotte Neidhardt, Natasha Pike, Thomas Schmitt, Vinz Sonderlinck, Sylvia Souffriau


Outside Pluto

Silberstein Straße 83

12051 Berlin

Fri 24th June: 19:00 to 22:00

Sat 25th June: 14:00 to 20:00

Sun 26th June: 14:00 to 19:00


A noble & wild, love & creative adventure in 2016

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for All of You,

your Architect of the Soul

‘Uncle Meirs Dream – Home sculpture’ Karlshorst, Germany, December 2015


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