Casa aberta invitation open studio 11.12.2016

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Model for space: wigwam variation

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Model dimensions: 60x35x35 cm, structure build with different sizes of matches and heated glue, red and blue plastic, fine metal wire, eucalyptus tree bark, silverfish.

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Some studio impressions

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The copper sculpture by accident gets new tentacles and bamboo comes into play, to be continued…0112b 0112c 0112d

Love to practice the old techniques: joining junk in a fragile way.


0112fA gathering of serendipities

0112gMetal frame of 1oo x 100  cm, metal wire, copper loop, burned letter.

Fire jumped into the sea,

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what came out, was snake to impress me.


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Collage on Chinese rice paper, size 12″ x 18″. Ingredients: 1 spaghetti string, 1 cardboard string, 1 red and 1 golden star, orange cardboard, aluminium-tape, 1 black plastic ring, 1 Eucalyptus leaf *, 1 carbonized match.

*Just like the snake, the eucalyptus tree sheds its skin.

Model for space (copper pipe experiment)

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She who brought the rain, started also the fire. – Mensagem da fertilidade –

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Collage-drawing: pens & pencils, leafs, metal wire, Venus clam


Inspired by the 2nd spring

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Muito obrigada para Guadiana rio, as pessoas de Mértola e de Convento!

Grateful for this wonderful natural rhythm experience, the valley of the Guadiana river. ´An explosion of slowlyness´

Special thanks to the people from the convento and inhabitants of Mértola.


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